Suits & Jackets

We have been producing elegant and stylish suits and jackets for many famous labels both locally and overseas over the last 60 years.



Loungewears, Underwears & Pyjamas

YGM produces boxers, and briefs, as well as woven and knitted pyjamas, and ladies' nightdress.



Polo Shirts, T-Shirts, & Other Coordinates

Our fully owned subsidiary - Hong Kong Knitters Limited, is a renowned polo shirt manufacturer for more than half a decade. The company has put in much efforts and resources in developing and improving its fabric line especially the mercerized fabrics to meet the high demand of our customers.

Hong Kong Knitters Limited has been producing excellent t-shirts for our customers from all over the world. Our T-shirt series feature many functional fabrics T-shirts in additional to the traditional cotton ones.

We are currently serving many world renowned companies, producing many different types of sportswear and pullover such as for golf, rugby, soccer and tennis etc.


Trousers, Shorts & Skirts

YGM has accrued over 60 years of experience in manufacturing dress and casual trousers in sophisticated styles for many world famous labels.





 Shirts & Blouses

Shirts manufacturing has laid down the foundation to the eventual success of YGM. Today, YGM has diversified its shirt line to include sport shirts, blouses, and casual shirts.