Social Responsibility

client clipped rev 12 YGM group puts its effort to be a socially responsible corporate by actively engages in community service.  We have formed a YGM Corporate Volunteer Team which aims to encourage and inspire our employees to join voluntary activities and contribute to help those in need in our community.  We constantly update the details of voluntary services of local charity organizations on our intranet and give full support to our staff such as paid annual leave, insurance cover, transportation fee and so on, as to motivate their volunteering initiative.

On 26th April, 2015, our employees participated in The Go Fun Fearless Dragon Charity Run 2015, which is organized by Hong Kong Network for the Promotion of Inclusive Society Ltd.  The event not only raised funds to help the disabilities in our community, but also promoted the message of social inclusion and acceptance of people with disabilities among the public.  Our volunteer team has won the 2nd runner-up for both Men's 3km relay and Women's 3km relay.  What we value most is not the achievements from awards, but the recognition for community involvement and contribution.

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